The life of the underdog - Stephan Bonnar (MMA)

I 've always had mixed emotions when it came to Bonnar. I originally thought he was a proper dork when the ultimate fighter was on. He had some really weak confortation with Diego, in which he barely 'won'. Anyway..

I still believe to this very day that he is a geek.

A geek that is indeed a pro - per warrior though..

He started gaining my sympathy after getting robbed by the judges in the Finale. Then he opened his mouth and he lost me again.


I can hear you thinking.. Who the fuck cares dude? why make a thread about fucking Bonnar. Well .....

I was checking wiki pages and i checked Bonnar's(after Tito's) and I noticed something that is indeed worth mentioning.

Fact. Bonnar has had 24 fights. He lost 9 times and won 15 fights.

He has only lost to former MW + LHW - HW UFC champions. +eye poke by sozsinski whats his name.

Are u impressed motherfuckers?

He has been finished just 3? (( 2 ) times in his career.

How about now?

Are u fucking impressed?

Solid jiu jitsu. Good boxing and TWD?. But i think he lacked knock out power + charisma. He didnt have the superior mentality that is needed to be a champ.

Very durable, great 2.5 - 3 stars(out of 5) stand up game, 3.5 - 4 (out of 5), solid Gracie (Cesar?) BJJ. (Carlson Gracie)

Big Dork.Great warrior. Really underappreciated. Very very durable.

Lost to Jones(decision) - Anderson (tko) - Coleman(decision) - Forrest (twice) - Rashad - Majority decision loss - Tito Ortiz - Lyoto Machida(TKO - doctor stoppage)

Gave Rashad a ran for his money, in an uneventfull but proper close bout..

He could have been the winner in the finale and should have had a loss to Jardine, as he was sort of gifted a decision.

+ Stephan had a really solid performance against the former WEC HW champion + LHW + HW + MW and not WW contender, James Irvin. Who he defeated with a Kimura.

+Bonnar showed some strong knees in his fight against Soszynski? (in the rematch) and that was in my opinion the only performance he has had in his UFC career in which he seemed able of actually really hurting his opponent. Or like a human being in general.

Cant say I wasn't impressed. I didnt expect him to be able to finish anyone with strikes on the feet.

No matter what, in my head he will always be someone like sort of a strong Michael Bisping, when it comes to KO power.

Anyway.. .....WAR Stephan. WAR underdogs.

This thread is not an official War Wagon. Neither an official thread of any kind.

Lady and Gentlemen.


I present you one of the most underappreciated MMA icons of all time. The awkard but always dangerous, the Carlson Gracie BJJ blackbelt, former 2 time Golden Gloves HW champion, former longtime UFC LHW top 10 contender, The American Psychoooooooo

Steeeeeeeee-phaaaaaan Booooooooonnaaaar.



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