Ronda's dirty little secret

Ronda had 3 fights as an amateur

3 wins by armbar.   ----> Averaging 34,666 seconds per fight.

She had 12 wins as a professional. 

8 submissions   &   3 knockouts.   -----> With an average of 1.18 mins per fight.

Notable Victories

She defeated Miesha Tate - twice (one in the first round(strikeforce) and one in the third)
(Miesha remained relevant and at the top of the division and even grabbed the belt for a little while)
Ronda beat Cat Zingano in 14 seconds( Cat was #7 in August)
Alexis Davis (her previous fight) - in 16 seconds (Alexis is now #5 in the world)
Sarah Mcmann in 1,06mins  (Sarah is now number 7 in the world)
Sarah Kaufman in 54 seconds. -- who is now number 4 in the world

and so on.

Ronda lost the 'MMAtrain' cause of fame and all these 'yes men' - (Edmund) and she lost the aura of invisibility with the way she handled the whole Cyborg situation. She was being quite dismissive about it, and that reeked of fear.

She wouldn't step up and fight Cyborg.

The fear that Cyborg created is what made the rest of the female roster smell it, too.

Holy doesnt give a fuck about no fear and shows that she is a much greater warrior than Ronda will ever be, but you can't chat shit about WMMA evolution and all the rest of this cr@p.

And you can't deny what Ronda has done. She finished all of her opponents and she practicaly faced only top 5 opponents.

During her 'reign', she would dismantle almost anyone she faced, in a matter of seconds.

Numbers don't lie.

Holy showed that she is very strong and gave Cyborg a very competitive fight.

Let's see what the future holds for the WMMA.

I think it looks bright.

I hope Cyborg keeps winning and ends up cleaning the house.



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