Luke Rockhold, Behind the Blow

It aint gonna be about coke.. and it aint gonna be about blowjobs.. get that out of your heads..

It's about a dude that went from humble to cocky, in a span of 6 months.

I am not sure what's going on in that gym with Cormier being in charge of all the booties, in there..

But Rockhold has been in his personal lalaland for quite some time now.

The fact that he lost the title to Bisping(no offence) shows a lot .. (R1,KO)

I was a fan after I saw the way he handled the Belfort loss, but now all I want to see is him getting knocked out

He is still kind of arrogant about it.. like... that blonde old actor who died recently from that chocolate factory, looking at the camera.(meme).. so you are telling me that I just got caught with a spinning back kick.. ? Anyway.. But he did handle it quite well..

After that though... after a couple of wins.. after the machida win.. he started going all American Psycho, in a sense..

So fucking self entitled that dude is.

Do u see him bouncing back,ever again..?

I think Wheelkick-man will mess him up when they fight again..


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