MMA Champions and their reign

People wonna talk about how Holloway is magicaly the GOAT FW, now. He beat Aldo twice, they say, while Aldo 'was' in his absolute prime.. Just 31 years old..

Aldo, at the age of 29, was already 9 years undefeated and defending his belt for about 7 years. A handfull of fighters have managed to capture the belt stay on top of their game + undefeated, for that long.

Anderson Silva,jon Jones,Fedor Emelinanenko

With GSP being an honourary mention. That's it.

Chuck Liddell had some holes in his game. These holes were mainly created by that new hardcore style he had adopted. After his second loss to Rampage.. He stopped being cautious. Chuck was fighting angry. But the fact that he would get out cold like that, shows that his mind and overall conception of reality was blurry from all the alcohol, drug and punch abuse he had endured during his career.

Ubereem gave him a good beating, as did Rampage and Couture. Chuck stopped wrestling. Stopped fighting. he became predictable. Right hand happy. And people put him away, as he was to eager to knock people out and he was going balls in and getting countered.

Wanderlei Silva had a 5-6 year reign in PRIDE, in where he was almost untouchable.

Most great champions have 3 years of pure dominance.

Frank Shamrock. Got the belt in 1997(december) and defended it 4 times. 3 callendar years. 

Tito got the belt in 2000 and kept it till 2002.

Chuck   -- > 3 years with no belt.. a couple of losses...

Bounced back with another 3 years of dominance..

When and if Holloway is ever sporting a 25-1 or something and has been defending his belt year in, year out, then we can compare legacies..

And lets see how 'old' holloway will fight when he is 32-33... if he is still fighting..

It's all relative.. but




4)St Pierre and

5)Andreson silva

Are in a league of their own.

If you wonna talk about champions who are GOATs. Not necessary best 5 fighters of all times, but most succesfull,consistent and accomplished champions of all times.

Big Nog a close 6th

ans Matt Hughes as well.


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