22 years, 10 months,26 days and still going strong

Jorge 'Macaco' Patino had his mma debut on April of 1995, at the age of 22, taking part in an 8 man tournament,fighting 3 times in one night, ending up winning the whole thing.

Now he is 44 years old and his most recent fight was in March of 2017, a submission victory against 'Yousef Wehbe', aka 'some dude'.

After that first taste of victory, he proceeded with 4 more tournament wins, in the next 1,5 years.
(3 eight man tourrnaments and one that consisted of 4 fighters)

Patino started his career with an impressive '15-0', having 5 knockouts and 10 submission victories. (4 of his subs were due to puches)

He almost got that UFC strap in a decision 'loss',  against Pat Militech

A couple of undeniable wars with 'Pele'... we all know what's up....

He got the Legacy FC weterweight belt when he was 38, almost 15 years after that fight with Militech, and the LW belt of the same organization one year later. He defended both belts once. (vacated the WW title and lost the LW strap in a unanimous decision, to Carlos Diego Ferreira.

After that he sort of went on a belt rampage.. Fighting for many organizations and ending up with multiple belts.

*Predator FC LW champ
*Max Sport LW champ
*FMC LW champ
 *Real fight LW champ
*Thunder fight LW champ[/i]

Shame he never fought for Cage Rage. I am pretty sure he could have squeezed another belt to his collection.

He holds notable victories against: Ronaldo Jacare Souza(KO) ,Celso VInicius ,Eric Reynolds,Gustavo Machado, Efrain Escudero, Mike Bronzoulis, Cleburn Walker & Pete Spratt.

A true record man.. 

22 years - 10 months & 26 days  and he is still doing his thing... 

Maybe he's got one or two fights left.... ....

who knows....?

Should Bellator sign him up for a rematch with Militech....?

Ken vs Royce III should be at the same card...

What do you think?


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