Best 20+ fight winning streak

Best 20+ fight win streak?

Had I written this 'thread' properly it would have been a 300+ pages book. I dont have the time. We all know most of the fighters. Discuss and feel free to add more fighters.

Lets see.... We got:

Igor Vovchanchyn    (35 Wins.....40wins in a row,according to wiki)  - legend.

He beat saku - varelans, Goodridge(twice), amazing fighter.

Fedor Emelianenko (27 Wins- 30 if u take koshaka a dq), The GOAT.

Dan Severn(21wins), Greco Roman GOAT, Stache top 3 Hall of fame.

Renan Barão(32 wins) - lost his first fight,then went 32-1, bantam - feather weight Brazilian with a good streak got f'ed by DJ,tries to sort it out.

Miguel Torres (20 wins) ,used to be like the bantamweight GOAT, Had a loss to Ryan Ackerman, then he went on a 17 winning streak, while evenging that decision loss with an armbar. Then he started losing...Dont know.. maybe it was all an illussion, or maybe hollywood lifestyle caught up with him. When he got robbed in that decision, against Mighty Mouse, the slippery slop had no ending. These days he cant KO a mosquito.

Jason Black(21 wins), Legit dude. Fought in Pride and UFC, didnt have that much success there. 

Travis Fulton The Iron man. he's got like 20+ or maybe 30+ wins in a row in his career. Fought 314 times.252 Wins.

Jerermy Horn(21wins),LEGEND. Beat Chuck in that streak. (and Elvis...the king of rock and rumble :lol:)

Hector Lombard(22wins), Sick fighter. Hulk.

Bas Rutten(21 wins) If u dont know then  :pointright:  :fu:

Khabib Nurmagomedov

(23-0)  Undefeated. Fought in Russia and in the UFC. Won the M-1 Selection Tournament in 2009. He has fought one time since 2014 which derailed his way to a championship bout.

He has a win against former LW champ Dos Anjos and he is now fighting Johnson for a 'perhaps' top contender status bout, in a few months.

Again... If there are any suggetions, 'bring them'.



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