Chael Sonnen struggling to guess the winner

I by no means try to diminish Chael Sonnen's credibility or knowledge of the 'sport'.

I am not in any position to do that anyway. I won't lie..

It's really hard to predict a winner when two evenly matched fighters square off.

But not even getting one right?? ? lol.. damn mr Sonnen.

Rory vs Robbie

Holy vs Ronda

Weidman vs Rockhold

Mcgregor vs Aldo ill give him a pass for this one

Frankie Edgar vs Aldo

Hunt vs Lesnar

Holy vs Shevchenko

Connor vs Nate II (pass) (gift decision)

Hednerson[/b ]vs Bisping (pass)

Mcgregor vs [b]Alvarez

Holloway vs Pettis

Ronda vs Amanda Nunes


Not bad Chael, my boi. Nt bad.


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