Japanese Robot San - Frankie Edgar's shocking truth

^^ GOATS Are Gonna GOAT

You get it, friend?..There we can see a natural FW, fighting one of the WW GOATS and being on his way to challenging: 'undefeated LHW - HW prospects' who he either dominated and won or got robbed by the judges, in the end.

Did anyone realise how easy he made it seem when he beat Gomi? He demolished Gomi. 

That was crazy talk in Gomi's prime. .. 

BJ made it look like a walk in the park.

Edgar did nothing but 'jab and run', in that fucking fight..... @!!!!!!! ! !! ! ! This should by no means earn you a fucking belt. 

i dont even know why BJ didnt just wrestlefuck and kill that kid.. Im so fucking confused. .That decision violated my very existence.

It was Rampage vs Chuck II all over again. Go away, you cunts.  

Frankie Edgar can't and wont be labeled as a running man. No sane man would say that. Not after those Maynard II & III fights. 

But it ain't only that.. There is a bigger and much darker reason for all this 'trilogy' fiasco. . .. .....

Frankie Edgar has never seen Penn in the octagon.

It wasn't him who fought BJ. Neither of these 2* times, Frankie Edgar stepped in that cage.

It was a Japanese robot

A human android san. 

As you can see, Its like a proper robot, but u call it: 'san', cause its japanese.

This Robot has been manifactured and programmed with one and only purpose

Edge out silly uneventful decisions in the LW division, only and only, I mean ONLY , against GOATS.

Unfortunately sometimes, stereotypes are based in real facts.Those god damn Japanese scientists did their ting and they did it well.

The word: 'Japanese; should always be in 'italian',by the way, cause these dudes are like the 'Italians' of Asia. 

This Japanese Robot-san is powered telepathetically by draining energy from his opponent[s] (GOATS)

It's like come on.. Coomee ooon..How could they do that...?Its like Pearl Harbor all over again.

*That third fight was between Japanese robot Edgar -San vs Korean robot BJ Penn - San.

The Koreans haven't worked out a proper fighting stance for their models yet.


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