Duane Ludwig vs Kid Chaos

One of the craziest fights I have ever seen. A must watch war. 

Duane 'Bang' Ludwig was one of Bass Rutten's* best students and currently he's one of the most succesful MMA coaches in the world. He is a stand up, muay thai coach. Once upon a time he knocked out Jens Pulves to 'capture' the Lineal LW championship of the world. 

He has the record for the fastest knockout in UFC history. He dropped and ultimately stopped, Jonathan Goulet, with a counter straight right, right in to Goulet's chin,  in about 4 seconds, in the first round, if im not mistaken.**

Charles Bennett can knock out any human being. Rumour has it that he knocked out Wanderlei Silva once upon a time, back in the PRIDE days, backstage.. 

He is still game and kicking ass in Rizin or any time he gets an opportunity to shine and show off his explosiveness and fight changing knockout power.  

Most recently he was 'seen' asking for 5-8k, not sure, and a fight ASAP, cause he is broke and needs to pay rent or something.. : )

 A true character, unorthodox style, durable and well versed in submission defence, crazy chin, good boxing and an exraordinary gift. 

The touch of death. As I said before. .... he can knock out any man alive. He never holds back..

Great - Great fight. One of the best fights u will see.

*former UFC HW champion,former king of pancrase

** It was first registered as a 9 or 11 second KO, or something... and it took the UFC quite a few years to correct this mistake and ... --> scratch that. .. It says(Wikipedia) it's still unofficial and that it was at 4:54 of the first round. I could have sworn it was a 4 second ko..

let's see what actually happened.

How many seconds was that .. ..?

I counted 4.


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