Mike Swick - what if?

We all met Mike Swick (except from some hardcore, liars that watched his fight with Leben before the Ultimate fighter), in the Ultimate fighter house. Season 1 if im not mistaken. Leben would get drunk and tease Swick, regarding their bout. Mike's loss to Leben was his first and only loss till a 2007 decision loss to Okami.

Dude has 15 fights in close to 10+ years. Injured from 2010-2012, 2012 - 2015 and has fought 4 times in the last 5 years. 


Almost as bad as Cain, someone could say. But seriously..he is 10000x worse than any other UFC fighter. 

I am not happy to say that cause 90% of the times Swick was game and ready to put on a show.

He started his UFC career as a LHW, just so he can put himself out there. A naturaly build middleweight that tried to fight as a Welterweight, in order to make the best of his career. Went close to a crack against GSP but lost to Dan Hardy. Always dangerous at the first minutes of a fight, always ended up fading away if he couldnt get the finish. His only decision wins were against: David Loiseau, who at that fight was only going for flying knees and he just set himself up for a decision loss. An aging but proper game Marcus Davis, where Swich jabbed and circled away for 15 mins (never tried to pull the trigger,cause he would have got ktfo) and a fight with Burkman who i dont remember anything about.

Someone might say..ooi..its 1.5 fights a year...not that bad... ill say...1.5 with 3 fights in '06, 3 fights in '08 and he has fought more than once since '09 only in 2012. 

I cant be bothered to piece up my text in a way that will have a certain normal sequence or a certain flow. What i wonna say is that Swick is the biggest Glass to ever grace the Octagon.

Notable losses:
Chris Leben - WEC Middleweight Championship - KO.
Lost from Stephan Bonnar in the Ultimate fighter via arm-triangle choke. 
Paul Thiago - D'arch choke - turned Thiago in a: im gonna D'arch u and then ill turn left,kinda fighter
Matt Brown - ktfo 
Yushin Okami - wrestle fucked down to welterweight.

Notable wins:
Joe Riggs - guillotine - swickatine
David Loiseau - decision
Ben Saunders - TKO 

Mike had a promising career to begin with and he was the most succesful Ultimate fighter 1 - fighter at some point. Now he is sadly, again a washed up, almost has been fighter who will probably only go worse from now on.

He was quick indeed and i will always respect him cause he has given me a couple of VE-RY exciting finishes. 

Especially his fight against Gideon Ray.

Some of Swicks wins earlier on were very - very impressive and sudden. He was able to finish guys with speed and ferocity, rarely seen in mma. At the time of his rise he was a very marketable fighter for the UFC....he was a good face. I remember Swick doing some hosting at a UFC pool party one time. 

the guy was battling some rare condition that wouldn't allow his body to absorb nutrients from food or some crazy shit. His downfall and losses were due to his rare medical condition. Im assuming he has improved, but who knows the damage done due to things like this. 


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