Mirko Crocop ---> Epic Career

for your enjoyment!! : )

42 years old... 10 years after his 2006 Pride 

Openweight tournament win... Mirko does it again...

I hope he wont choose to retire now.... Even though it 

would have been a great way to end his career..

Crocop has lost his elite K1 level reflexes but at least 

he knows. He is aware that he aint the same fighter he 

used to be, so he has adjusted his style. 

a) He keeps his distance. Moving backwards 

just in case, when his opponents are swinging at 


b) He aint stalking his opponents, as he used to, 

but moving sideways and snipping for the right 


c) He did slip a few punches, but his main 

approach is to keep his distance, so he wont have 

to get KTFO again, any time soon.

We witnessed Mirko Filipovic,Crocop, beating up and 

3 top 15-20 guys in a 2 days spam and in my humble 

opinion this should bring him back in the top 10 

of the HW division.

Legend ...


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