MMA insight - Conor Mcgregor

We 've seen him sprawling and brawling. A fighter that cant be taken down unless he really wants to. Unless he is playing u in order to tire u out. He has the touch of Death. If he touches you, you are out, son. His heritage is very rich, in regarding to fighting, professional or not. He loves a good old brawl and wont shy away from any scuffle. He is a giant amongst midgets and he is doing it his way from the first instant he entered the MMA circuit. The biggest star ever to fight in an MMA event, with killer instincts and the ability to change his game plan while the fight is taking place. Playing with his opponents weaknesses, entering their minds and making them lose before they even step in the octagon to face him. No I'm not talking about Cyborg. 

Moreover, he's got probably the best kicks we've ever witnessed in ANY, I repeat, any type of combat sports competition. Makes Mark Hunt punches look like pillow fists. He is the only true champion right now in the UFC and every fight of his till the end of the already miraculous career he's been having will be the greatest fight in UFC history. He loves to wear fancy hats and suits and always conducts himself outside the octagon like a real fighter and a real gentleman. But don't let his articulate manners confuse you. He is a real killer in the octagon and right now he is pound for pound the most fierce fighter in MMA.

It is evident that he has introduced the Tyson effect to his opponents and to MMA in general. It's not only the fear that he introduces, with his clever tactics, it's also the amazing head movement that he possesses that is making many people wonder why is he not already challenging Mayweather to a boxing fight. It is evident and crystal clear one could say, in this op's mind, that a fight between this GOATie, would end in a devastating fashion with 9 times out of 10, having poor old little Mayweather staring at the ceiling, staring with a double vision and seeing only blurry lights as our friend and pound for pound scariest monster on Planet Earth, would have given him a VIP ticket to LALA Land. He has a right hand from hell. Capoeira kicks that make Eddie from Tekken look like a prima balarina. Tattoos that make male models copy his style. He's got the whole package and people can't stop loving to hate him. Losers will always feel bad for some other person's success. 

Some people used to say that the Axe Murderer was ferocious and scary, these people had never seen the fighter in discussion, doing his thing against some of the best athletes on the planet. He is so athletic and explosive that makes athletic and explosive guys look like scrubs. His attacking jiu jitsu of his guard, makes Royce or Eddie bravo look like real amateurs. Makes Damian Maia's mother cry one could say. I pity the Brazilian that has to face this phenomenon. Whoever cant see this fighter's greatness and can't acknowledge his accomplishments is a real tool, a blind hater that has nothing better to do than trash the best fighter of all times. His versatility as a fighter has been proven over and over again, facing the best strikers and the best wrestlers of his division, manhandling every single one of them, even if sometimes he didn't have a full training camp. 

This is a small tribute to the greatest mixed martial artists of all times. If Bruce Lee was alive, he would have been a Connor McGregor fan.

Welcome to the McGregor era, ladies and gentleman. One day we will be happy to let our grandchildren know that we witnessed this amazing specimen, perform, in front of our eyes.



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