MMA stand up combinations

!!In this sport of MMA there is a very big variaton of skills taken from various martial arts.Someone that wants to be a fighter needs to be not just familiar with most of these different skills,but to have achieved ecxellence at the optimum level..lets call it a: ''black belt'' + status at most of these.(grappling-standing-submissions). 

In the journey for becoming the best you can become you see that each category: grabbling - standing - subs has many particles to its equation,thus - many different moves which need to be learned in perfection. 


This is made as an attempt to help me or you guys study separate techniques by watching some of these guys in action or in some tutorial video..worst case scenario - learning 5 or 6 new things I didnt know by some people that know that this shit works.

Another great addition would be combinations..For now I would just suggest Bass rutten as a good MMA instructor for striking combinations.

If u aint familiar check it online..

Quick preview:

these some combos he suggests - using only punches.

1-2 (jab-str8 right)

1-2-3 ( jab - str. right - left hook)

1-2-3-4 ( jab - str. right - left hook - str8 right)

to implement kicks or knees with those.. : throw a kick or a knee with the opposite leg of the arm that you punched with.

so 1-2 becomes ( jab - str8 right) - Left knee-left low - left high - left midkick.(leaver)

Of course u can jab and then throw a low kick.

A punching combination that i like doing with the heavy bag: Jab - Right(str8) - left hook- right hook,left uppercut body,right uppercut face - left jab and walk to the side. 

another good combination(Rutten again suggested): Str8 right - Left hook - body 

Str8 right - Left to the head

other combos: semi fake jab(left) - left hook - str8 right

fake low - superman punch - low kick(opposite leg) if he is still alive.


Following combos up with heavy high kick can set you up for a very nice str8 right(if u fight orthodox) or an even better:

str8 right - mma left uppercut - str8 right combo.

straight right: Pedro Rizzo - Jens pulver (to the body: melvin guillard)

straight left: Little Nog

Jab(left):St Pierre - 

Jab(right):Nick Diaz

right hook: Fedor Emelianenko

left hook: Mark Hunt - Roman jentsov

Leaver shot(hookish uppercut to the body): bass rutten

right uppercut: Junior dos santos - little evil(not pulver) (homourary mention: BJ)

left uppercut: Mark hunt 

Elbows - Spinning Elbows : Gary Goodridge Jones - Anderson Silva - Cung Lee

Elbows and punishing from the guard: Tito Ortiz - Jon Jones Honourary mention: brandon lee hinkle - Caol Uno 

Left highkick: mirko crocop (right highkick gonjaga..hehe)

Right highkick: Gilbert Yvel

low kicks: Mark Kerr - Jose Aldo

Mid Kicks: Mirko Crocop (left) 

Spinning highKick: Ultimate fighter guy uraiah hall? - Cung Lee - David Loiseau -(Belfort and JDS)

Spinning Kick to the body: Stephan Bonnar - David Loiseau

Crane kick:Lyoto Machida - Anderson Silva - Daniel Larousso

Overhand: Gomi - Penn - Fedor - Junior dos santos 

Grabbing a leg and throwing overhands: matt serra - Tank

knees: Wanderlei - Anderson Silva - Dan Severn 


Headbutting: Mark Coleman - Mark Kerr ( HOlyfield how u spell him- watch Tyson fights- great technique showcased)

Takedowns - effective wrestling: Dan severn - Mark coleman- Randy - Hughes - GSP- Tito - Rashad Evans - Cain (Jon Jones) - Lashley - Fitch -


Str8 Armbar: Gracie (royce - rickson) Frank Shamrock

triangle on arm to apply armbar: Nick diaz (vs jeremy jackson III)

Flying armbar: some chinese or japanese guy ill look it up and let u know

Sidechoke: Ken Shamrock 


Heel Hook: Ken shamrock - Funaki - Suzuki

Kneebar : Oleg Taktarov - Suzuki - Frank Mir 

Inverted Heelhook:rushimar ralphares or something


I will stop mentioning other submission finishes 
and just propose to u linkers to go watch: Eddie bravo on youtube on each 
separate sub hat u are intested in and you can also try Karo parysian on some nice judo takedowns that u can use when the str8 wtrestling Tdowns dont work..

Most daring celebration in victory: Bass Rutten - GSP - Loiseau

all time personal favourite head kick ko: Yves edwards vs Josh thompson

Standing Clinch working - stalling: Anderson Silva - Jon Jones Randy couture 

best flying knee in a fight: James Irvin vs Terry Martin

best superman punch ko: james Irvin - struved ko'ed by that tall dude kongo drawed with and Antonio silva koed. (Travis Browne or sth)

Best fight - brawl ever : Sokudjou vs Houston Alexander and Nick Diaz vs Paul Daley and Cyborg Santos vs Melvin Manhoef,Don frye vs chinky macshinckson(blonde) (tank fights) 

honourary mention: kimo vs sapp (k1)

kimo vs gracie

eel free as i said to give some pointers of your own.. some slick combinations or some solid submission set-ups..

watch noguiera vs Goodridge, noguiera vs coleman - Wagner Martins , Heath Herring (2004) - shemi schilt - enson Inoue 

Nog at his submission game got better about 200% after studying the finishes of these fights.

check that nakamura dude that i told u about..

flying armbars leading to heel hooks..sick fighter.. great reversals!


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