Motivated Ronda Rousey

MoTiVaTed Ronda Rousey

MoTiVaTed Ronda Rousey


Just introducing the term for now. Shortly you'll get a text attempting to justify her poor performances as a result of money and becoming comfortable = less hungry or what not , in an attempt to overshaddow her inneficcient stand up and deluded mind + horrible coaching.

Fook it. ill do it now. Her stand up was semi legit, when it comes to WMMA. She wasnt the worst striker of the division. She was a pure judoka with knock out power. Knock out power is the kea word. 

When Ronda beat Bethe Correira, who was I think undefeated at the time.. the way she knocked her out in the first exchange, I think it created a 'switch' in Ronda's brain. She actually 110% believed that she is an elite striker. She wasn't entirely sure up to that point.

The Armenian Dracula managed to eat her brain up(just cause he is a fucking boxing coach) and convinced her that she is a fuckign stand up fighter. 

Edmund has made Ronda act stupid.. But ensticts cant be stupid. Animals are much more stupid that most humans but their ensticts are always right.

Ronda was trying to be a striker but her ensticts and basically all of her body but her brain was telling her no.. a big fat no.

But when the brain is covered with fucking lard and pieces of :poop: you can block out your enstict all day.

You cant expect to fight against a top level athlete with your B game. 
Its exaclty like having Royce Gracie acting like Pramuk Buakaw and expecting to ever win a fight.

That's what the problem is. Its not a lack of hunger that some c%nt said earlier on and it aint that the WMMA's level is all higher now.. thats fucking ret@rded.

Ronda was beating up legit contenders who are still around and are highly ranked.

So it wasn't a lack of skill. it wasn't all hype. No. Nothing of that shit. It was mainly Edmund and Bethe Correira convincing her that she was a striker. 

(clarifying that I wasn't sad with what happened to Rousey cause that girl was a nightmare.. she woudlnt shut up.) 

So yea.. fuck the term motivated ronda and f%ck ronda in general. If she realises that she is a fucking grappler and keeps the right distance and keeps the right stance.... then 'the fear' will come back to her opponents.

I wont mind Royce, that much, if he wants to play stand up and I aint gonna run away from Kron Gracie wearing boxing gloves.
Ronda needs to snap out of it or have a big press conference in which she will cry like a kid and retire.

You can do it, Honda.


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