Nate Diaz - Conor Mcgregor - Dana White ---> Someone's scared

Mon May 08, 2017 1:48 pm

We are in the year 2017. The UFC has been sold

with a whopping 4,2 billions. People might wonna bitch

andnot face reality, but the fact of the matter is that

wehave entered the A.C era. (after Connor). There is

noRonda Rousey,no jon Jones, no GSP, no

Lesnar(for now),not even a Chael Sonnen. There is

only one clear PPV star in the UFC and that is Connor

And why is that...? Because Ronda lost, Lesnar left,

Jon is coked up most of the time, Nick smokes weed

,GSP is in love with an alien and so on.(+ Connor is

proper charismatic and great at promoting himself)

In the midst of Connor's meteoric rise we had a new 'superstar' in the making. He aint no superstar as we speak but he's got all the right tools to attempt to do just that. This decision is a two way street and it involves hard work, dedication and collaboration from both parties.


The UFC needs to let Nate know that they believe in

him(at least for one big fight while Connie is away)

and that they will do their part of the promotion, while

Nate needs to make sure that him and Turd are gonna

carry the rest of the promotion and they are gonna

make it as edgy and hostile as possible, while

including Connor to their discussion as much as possible).

*I'm taking this fight so that bitch Connor will man up and unify the belts..(both Nate's and Turd's approach).

So tldr my take is that both Nate and the UFC are

scared. The UFC doesnt want Nate to be the face of

the company(he talks too much) and Nate is scared to

find out whether he is a true superstar or not. Nate

wants to negotiate while he is still relevant and he is

still considered a HUGE draw.

The truth is that we won't know whether Nate is a

huge draw or not till he headlines a PPV.

I think it's high time this happens and both parties as I

said need to approach this matter with proffesionalism

and with good will.

What do u people think..? Is it a matter of fear..? Is it

just that they dont believe in Nate..>?Is Nate born to

be a number 2 guy(cause of his relationship with Nick)

and he cant deal with the pressure...?

Does he not give a single fuck and

is it the UFC that is scared..?

what is it?


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