Nate,You messed up

It's not that hard to find a diaz fan,these days. Almost everybody loves him some Diaz brothers. Nate was riding on cloud 9 after his RNC victory against Mcgregor and he had all the hype in the world behind him. 


We saw Nate appearing on almost every god damn show in America. He dropped the ball though.. .'The Nate' that faced Henderson, showed up..Talking and pointing,confused, almost timid, staring at the camera between rounds and all that.. Superstardom caught up with him and it was evident that his mind was not there.

-> Nate giving a half assed smile        Image 

Nate giving a half assed smile after staring at the camera for a solid 3-4 seconds...And Connor smiled at the camera like a retard and then made a facial expression, cause in his mind people were looking at him. So he made a gesture with his face - that he is 'cool' persay.
Anyway...cant find a proper pic for connor.
Connor's head is all over the place, while nate is serious and collected.

And now if you check the second fight,between rounds 1 and 2... its the other way around. Conor is concentrated while Nate is more concerned about how he looks than the fact that he is in a fight.

Nate should have won that second fight. Conor can pretend like he decisively won the rematch, so he doesnt really have to give Nate another fight. 
Perhaps im talking out of my ass.. Who knows....?But if Connor wins...and he decides to fight Floyd or whoever else.. Nate is left hunging with his pee pee in his hands.
He dropped the ball.. he fucked up.. he messed up.. I think that there is a pretty good chance that he'll go back to 35k for show and 35k if he wins...
This, or retirement..

I want the trilogy for fuck's sake.



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