Paul Filho is a fair man.

It was November 5, 2008 and Chael Sonnen had been given a second chance for WEC gold. 

Paulo Filho had defeated him via way of armbar, a little less than a year ago. 

Bad news for the American Gangster. Paulo failed to make weight and the bout was changed to a not title one.

Chael Sonnen was awarded a unanimous decision win after the bell rung.

Filho seemed warned out and gassed from the first minute of that fight and he basically got punished for 15 minutes.

Chael beat the champ but he got no belt that night. 

Now u might be wondering, : 'what's the point of all this shit?' ... and where is the heart & character in not making weight ? 

Paulo Filho did indeed something amazing after the event was over and they both went back home.

He sent Chael Sonnen his belt cause in his mind, Chael was the new champion since he managed to defeat him.

A true gentleman's move. True warrior.

Also a true cheeky little cunt... apparently he was asking Chael to chill for a bit, so he can catch his breath ..   :lol:

“He had asked me at one point in the fight to go to the ground with him and I said ‘No, I can’t do that’ and he said, ‘no, no submission attempts, just rest, come to the ground, let’s rest‘ and I just said again, ‘I can’t’ and just went back to fighting.”


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