The many finishes of Frank Mir

First of all , I'd like to say that I am pretty amazed with  my 

memory, as I intended

to begin this 'tribute' with Mir's first fight in the UFC, but I 

wasn't sure of that dude's name. So while I was about 

to check Mir's wiki page, some name hit   me. (Roberto Traven).. 

I'm like this dude might be the one im looking for.  

Either that, or some weird name that was left in 

my memory bank.  Turns out I was  right. Long story short.

 (*one more footnote. This dude was a very solid grappler, 

I remember Rogan bigging him and Mir up, equally. 

But that wasn't it. He lost to Elvis Sinocic

- the king of rock and rumble - by KO (punch) :lol: 

I know that elvis had good hands,good jiu jitsu

 & a sort of legit all around game, but it still sounds funny. 

Get ready to enjoy  Frank Mir vs Roberto Traven Well.. 

This fight doesnt seem to be available 

From my recollection

Mir throws a high kick - rushes him to the cage.. gets a 

takedown and snatches that dude's arm in like a split second

' He had arrived' 

Frank Mir vs Pete Williams


'The party life' , according to Mr Joseph 'The hype Machine' Hogan, made him lose to Ian Freeman via KO --> This fight shall not be preseted here.

Frank Mir vs Tank Abbott (top contender match up) --(can't mess with 'The Tank')



Frank Mir vs Tim Silvya for the UFC HW title

Post moto accident 'finishes', can be seen below.

Frank Mir vs Chieck Kongo


Mir vs Todd Duffee


Mir vs Bigfoot


Out of respect to Minotauro Noguiera and Mirko Crocop, I didn't include, in this thread, Mir's amazing finishes over them.

Bonus track


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