The Real Deal?

Conquered the internet with the aid of [youtube]and became an icon long before his MMA debut.  I remember a friend of mine telling me about some Kimbo dude that is dropping dudes lefts and rights, in bare knuckle rules. U got to see Kimbo. U mean Kimo. Noo man.. Kimbo. 

First fight I ever saw: Kimbo vs that short bald black dude. Busts him up mainly with jabs at the beggining of the fight, little buff dude keeps asking for restarts... Kimbo lets him take some free shots to pump him up, then starts rolling with the punches. Duck - duck - uppercut while shortie was swinging wild.

His eye turned retarded with that uppercut. It was all up side down, like and prooper swallen. One of the most fucked up injuries I've ever witnessed in a fight.

Aiight.. I'll stop attempting to analyze this now and post a video, which was a rather competitive fight.

The world of MMA(fans and casuals) was buzzing and wanted to see Kimbo in the UFC. The pivotal moment that derailed Kimbo's signing with the UFC was a fight against Sean Gannon. Dude had a granite chin, some good knees and managed to knock the fuck out of Kimbo after like a 10+ minutes fight, in contrast with his previous, under 2 min knockouts.

So what did the UFC do..? they signed Sean and made him fight Brandon lee Hinkle? something like that. Dude beat the shit out of Gannon. Gannon was swimming in blood. Some really hard elbows landed in that fight. Brutal TKO.

Kimbo was with both legs outside of the UFC.

That didnt stop Elite XC signing him, though.

 First fight and he is being fed the Sylvia killer, aka Ray Mercer in an amatuer bout if im not mistaken.

Kimbo rushes in and gets him in a guillotine. Kimbo wins with a submission in the first round.

Then he made his MMA debut against Bo Carwell? something like that.. Knocked out a few potatos. Got a TKO stoppage by making Thompson's ear explode, with a right hand.

Then he had a fight set up with Ken. 

Ken 'injures' himself 30 mins b4 the fight or something.

Negotiations begin

Elite XC President:Frank wants to step in.

Kimbo quacks like he's never quacked before. 

Remains gangsta, no questions asked.  Seth Petruzelli is offered next, A Lions Den fighter at the time.  

Elite XC President thinking:Frank will kill him, we should get Seth there and 'ask' him to keep it standing. He is a Karate dude.

 Sounds legit.

Petruzelli Knocks Kimbo out with a solid jab.

President cries. Elite XC dies.

Kimbo resets. Its all good. It happens to the best of us.  Ill sign the Ultimate fighter deal he thinks. 

Gets to be a friend with Rampage. Argues with Rutten cause according to Bass, Kimbo didnt listen to him and he was not willing to evolve. Ultimate fighter is working for him as he is killing the Ratings.

First fight.. He gets to fight Nelson.   

Nelson molests him with pillows for 2 rounds and gets a TKO win.

Does he care? No.

Signs a 4 fight contract.

Gets Houston and Mitrione. 

He has some 'success' in his fight with Alexander (Decision Win). (a couple of slams and a lot of evading)

Tried to do the same to Mitrione and after a competitive first round, he got tired and finished in the second round with a TKO.

Long story short. 

He turned to boxing for a while.

7 or 8 knockouts in 8 or 9 fights. No losses. 

He always had good waist movement,for boxing, but he never really learned how to kick. 

Currently, he is competing in MMA in Bellator MMA, having 2 million + people, watching his fights, fighitng the likes of: 51 years old Ken Shamrock and 400 pounds + 2 heart attacks + 1 kidney failure, who if you consider all that fought like a fucking bear, DADA 5069. 

Kimbo is kind of getting old now also though. (this was written before he passed away)

if you are a true linker post his boxing fights here.

And if you are a true trooper post more youtube fights and in general try to enhance the substance of this thread with any valuable information you might have about Kimbo and kevin kevin II, Kevin III , Kevina, Kevin IIII , Baby Slice and the rest of tha falilia of Dr Kimbo Slice.

Peace all around.



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