The worst MMA fighter of all times

 NHB used to be proper shady. People with almost 0 fighting backgrounds, claiming to have black belts in weird martial arts(cause the 'founders' were paying them to lie),e.g Gary Goodridge.

Sometimes, it works. It's about heart, reflexes and how much u want it.

Some other times though.... The fact that u got 0 skill isn't helping that much to win a fight.

Below u can see some of the worst fighters in the game, today.

Who in your opinion is the worst Mixed Martial Artist right now in the UFC or in MMA, in general?

My vote goes to the black Beast. He is basically just strong. He aint got any real well rounded skills.

My second vote goes to Browne cause ever since he signed with Edmund he fights like he's got 0 fighting IQ.

There are some fighters that have 0-40 or something.. but i cant speak about their skills (or the lack of it), with certainty.

who u got?


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