UFC & Jose Aldo

Aldo is only 2 years older than Conor but he has been a house hold name for the past 8-9 years. He is just 30 years old and even though he has been fighting since he was 18, despite that brutal Connor KO, he hasn't sustained much damage over these years and if that second fight with Edgar is any indicator, there is a lot left in Aldo.

He hasnt been that exciting in his UFC career(in comparison with his years in WEC), but he has displayed some crazy dominance in his fight.

It's like he is a level above from anyone he has ever faced.(except Connor again).

It's been said so many times that Aldo conducted himself in a really riddiculous way in the period leading to and after the fight (post fight inteviews). He acted strange to say the least and he deseves a lot of the hate that he is recieving.

This though shouldn't cancel out the fact that in a period where most champions got a rematch, Aldo, who was argueably the most deserving of the bunch(undefeated for almost a decade), got put on ice and noone seemed break a sweat about it.

Anyway.. talk is cheap. He needs to get through Holloway. If he beats Holloway and then announces that he is moving up to LW, shit will get really interesting.

He'll murder Pettis in his first fight.

And then fight whoever has the belt. If that aint Connor, next fight should be Connor.


---He didn't beat Holloway though, did he? : ) (*Edit)

What's next for Aldo?


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