Yuki Kondo - A small Tribute, to a true Ninja Assassin.


He has defeated many Pancrase legends in his career. He knocked out Frank Shamrock out of the ring.

Kondo had a fight with Tito Ortiz for the LHW belt, where he opened the fight with a sick flying knee, but was overwhelmed by a prime Tito and ended up losing via neckcrank .

Nowadays, at the age of 40, having fought 98 times and with a record of 59W - 30L and 9 draws.( Knockouts: 19 -5 , Subs: 17-8),Kondo is still fighitng in Pancrase. He had a welterweight championship fight in 2014, against Gota Yamashita ( 10 -2) , where he lost by unanimous decision and won his last Pancrase championship in 2010, where he faced Ichiro Kanai (11-14) , to win the Middleweight crown.

He rised to stardom by winning the Neo Blood Pancrase tournament in 1996, where he defeated Pete Williams in the finals.

Kondo had some legendary scraps with the world's best fighters.

He was 1W - 2L against Masakatsu Funaki. (all 3 fights ended in submission)
1-0 against Suzuki
1-1 with Jason Delucia(underated fighter was Delucia imo)
1W - 2L with Guy Mezger
He beat minowaman with a toe hold(minowaman was at the beggining of his career)
3-1 against big Semmy Schilt(wins) (semmy beat him via RNC, while Kondo had decision wins in Pancrase - propably rope escapes)
Beat Akihiro Gono TKO] (lost split decision in the rematch - 5 years later.
Knocked out Mario Sperry in the first - in PrideFC
He defeated Cyborg Santos(not the chick)
Knocked out Frank Shamrock.
Defeated Brian Gassaway via toehold.. (mostly mentioning it cause it was a toehold)

He had notable decision losses to: Vladimir Matyushenko, Paulo Filho, Igor Vovchanchyn, Dan Henderson(split decision in 2004)

& has notably been stopped in MMA competition by:Josh Barnett(RNC Round 3),Wanderlei: KO (stomps - Round 1),Baroni(KO punch),Roger Gracie(RNC).

In his amazing career that still isn't over he has claimed almost every Pancrase title and he has spent the majority of his career fighting with the same Japanese - based, promotion.

Pancrase 1996 Truth Tour Neo Blood Tournament winner
Pancrase Light Heavyweight Championship (1 Time)
One Successful Title Defense
Pancrase Middleweight Championship (1 Time)
One Successful Title Defense
Pancrase Interim Middleweight Championship (1 Time)
Three Successful Title Defenses
Pancrase Openweight Championship (2 Times)
Two Combined Successful Title Defenses

He was one of the first real MMA competitors(and still is), with a great ground game and overall catch wrestling skills and a great variety of strikes on the feet. A true finisher, with a killer enstict, that was probably not doing the roids he needed to in order to defeat the big boys.

If I could speak to Yuki Kondo I'd just tell him this:
Thank you for the highlights and thank you for stepping up with just about anyone.

If every fighter had your mentality, every person on earth would be a fan of MMA.


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