Cormier goes on a booty rampage

You know what,Joe Rogan.? .. The fighters in my camp have started showering at home, now.. and it has turned almost impossible to feed my spanking addiction.  So u know what I did..? I bought a professional spy kit and trained for about 4 weeks,4 hours a day, in this equipment, in order to become competent and embark in this quest for booty.

First stop was Rockhold's house... This dude's ass has evaded my chuby hands for a solid month now, I remember thinking to myself.. I bet it feels like virgin's ass..How should I do it..? Should I drug his wife and draw a dick on her belly while he is in the shower? I mean.. the possibilities are endless.. Should I slap his eyes and spank his ass or just go for a double slap in the ass and run..?

I hadn't been that excited since I dickslapped my wrestling coach, right in his face, last day in highschool.

As soon as I was right outside of his house, I knew what I had to do. It struck me. I'll be a total pro. Do my combo and bounce.. I took my batman gun rope hook thingie, out of my belt, and shot it, trapping it by his chimney.. Santa style, I thought..

Snooped in... I crawled behind the couch where his wife was half asleep and went towards the shower where I could hear Luke singing ' At first I was afraid, I was petrified...'..

:lol: Dat fig, I thought.. He was just at the beggining.. I got time to draw that dick on his wife's stomach, me whispered, Joe..

Cloroform..titie twister.. drew a big ass cock with hair on it.. sprinted to the bathroom..

From that point I was going on auto pilot. I tickled Luke's balls as he was washing his hair.. He enstictively tired to move and duck... So I grabbed him by his neck and unleashed a disgustingly smelly and squeeky fart right in his fucking face, Luke tried to stand up and turns sideways, so I followed my attack up with a double spank, right on his ass..

It was absolutely glorious.. I ran like the wind that day I did.. I was gone and out of there is a second...

I swear, to this day,Joe,Luke has never mentioned anything about it to me.

As you can propably tell, I didn't have to visit anyone else.. Luke told everyone else waht happened.. Everyone but me..

Crazy Bob was the first to let me spank him.. The rest followed..

Balance had been brought back...

Jon Jones...?

You are next...


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