Ohhh my baaallss... Fouls in MMA (incomplete)

Jon Jones is propably the most notorious of them all.  Eye pokes. More eye pokes. Oblique kicks, which are not illegal to throw, but it's proper cuntish to throw those kind of shots.

I do get Jones' response to that: ' We figured that if someone is trying to give us brain damage, we can try to take his knee out'. Which is a pretty legit thing to say. It's a proper solid arguement, but at the same time there is only a handfull of fighters that throw this kind of kick on the regular.


When he fought Rampage, for instance, his strategy was to eye poke him a bit, trying to frustrate him and go for a take down or kick and circle away, any time Quinton would try to launch power hooks.

Rinse and repeat till he had him tired. It's cool to bend the rules, its the referee's duty to act accordingly. Deduct points, declare the fight a disqualification if it keeps going on.

Another pretty 'dirty' fighter was mister yellow card, Gilbert Yvel. Crazy stand up with kicks, knees and viscious hands as well. A true HW great but kind of pokey pokey - fish hooking and pretty much using anything he could to regain advantage. I am not trying to bash him, it's not like he had to resort to 'dirty tactics in his fight against the great Gary Goodridge, who he knocked out with a high kick. Neither when he almost killed Houston Alexander with a str8 punch from hell.

Branko Cicatic is also an honorary mention. He had two fights in Pride, if im not mistaken, one under kick boxing rules and one under MMA rules*. He kicked his 'downed' opponent in the head and he created on of the 'scariest' - funniest bumps in the history of combat sports. The dude that got kicked in the head(it's against the rules to kick a downed opponent under kick boxing rules) looked like one of the looney tunes. (I just 'googled' his name. Ralph White. His last name is White and he is black by the way) lol.  His fight with Mark Kerr is documented on the video above.

Rumour has it that, that whenever he would lose in the ring, he would then proceed with confronting his opponent backstage and beating him up. lol    %

He also lost to Maurice Smith(former HW champion) with a forearm choke.

honourable metions:

  • Matt Linland, notorious for not bathing for days leading up to his fights.

  • Chieck Kongo... a true ball buster.. using his greco roman skills to get the clinch and he unleashes heavy knees on the 'groin area' (balls).

*(I might be wrong - maybe 2 MMA fights, not sure)

% (I heard it from Bass Rutten who was commenting in PrideFC at the time, along with Steven Quadros(the fight proffessor)

Anyway. . enjoy.


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