The UFC is dying

The main reasons, in no particular order, are: 

conor fiasco

anderson fighting like  the class clown that wants to get hit.

jones keeps getting popped



Belfort having no TRT - fuck you USADA - i hope u never get hard ever again - u took my most precious belonging.

Henderson getting robbed and that sneaky bussinessman remaining the MW champ.

GSP being in love with an alien

Knock out machine Johny Hendrics. Turning to the 70% man. Turning to ill stick my head between your legs and win somehow, in his head. Going all you can eat Johny. Now at MW, Johny is going taco and perhaps he still got something left in the 'tank'.

Lompard going cold turkey

Nick Diaz pissing away his prime

no photo needed. imagine him smoking that MMA glove.

Royce gracie kneeing shamrock in the balls

who else?

MM trying to be a 12 time ho

Cody injuring his va jay jay  : )

Cormier being a two time paper cry me a river champ.
seriously - what the fuck is going on?

So u got a prima dona Flyweight champion

An injured champ from Jersey shore, as the BW champ.

Cody Garbrandt

A FW champ - who is pretty much the only legit champ,along with Stipe - even though Coner screwed this up. Mad Max Holloway

Conor at LW ..holding it hostage, after he was done raping the FW division and going after dat boxing dream.

Woodley - ill lay on you and turn left, i am tyrone and im gonna throw an overhand at somepoint and bullrush u, hoping to steal the fight.   at WW

Bisping at MW . . . .  lol - I want to fight a 46 year old Henderson to redeam myself from that knockout. Henderson gets robbed in that fight. Bisping barely survives. After the fight was over, Dan Henderson had re arranged Bisping's face and Hendo himself was sporting a clean face, like he woke up after a good night sleep. 

*Bisping had proclaimed before that fight that 8 weeks after the Hendo fight, he will defend his belt again - against the top contender..

Let's recap Bisping's thoughts and words, on his potential opponents, in a 'cinematic' kind of approach.

'No, Bisping says.... I can't fight Romero cause im injured but I don't mind fighting GSP.

You know what? George is a pussy.. He is taking the piss..
I won't fight him, after all. 

I'll fight the winner of Romero - Whitaker. 


So. . .. .  Whitaker beat Romero, did he?. .hmm..

Ok..I'll just have to fight St Pierre then, I guess. Oh.. yeea.. and don't think for a second that I'll rest after that. After St Pierre, all you pussies are next. 

Hmm.. oh wait.. I decided that I'll retire after that fight.'

god damn, bisping.. haha.   This has been happening for more than a year ,now .. 

anyway. .

Whitaker who is solid

Cormier again . . .. :lol:

and Stipe who is doing a great job at HW.

So if you think about it, over all of the UFC weight classes, we got only a couple of champions that are acting as a fan would hope a champion to 'fight' like.

u know.. like Robbie or Fedor and Anderson. ..... 

fuck u Mr Jonsy.

Cyborg and Joana from the ladies are both solid champions. A big percentage of these WMMA competitors is kind of lacking in skill and finishing ability, but in my mind it doesn't bother me. I tend to avoid watching low skilled fighters. regardless of the gender. 

Unless they are HW's. It's funny to watch to brawlers trying to score a knockout. 

Dana and the new management paying the fighters peanuts isnt helping either.


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