Joana going mad.. .. Wake up, girl..!!!

'It was the weight cut, you guys' ....... ...

Delusional mode activated.

“I had planned what I would announce after the fight with Rose Namajunas, and I had to change the text. Something did not click. I had strange reflexes. The body was not following the mind, and vice versa. Three minutes of fighting lasted like a split second, I did not know what was going on. Maybe it was weighting, I do not know. But I will return to the throne. I’m still a champion. See where Conor McGregor is now, and where he was last year, how he lost to Nate Diaz. He made a seven-mile walk from this defeat. I will do the same – says Joanna Jędrzejczyk in ‘Wilkowicz Sam na Sam’. He talks about his first defeat at the UFC, the changed plans, the criticism that fell on her for self-confidence and arrogant pose before the fight. – I love it. And I want people to say: Dare! Looks like MMA. I have an appetite for life and either someone wants to look at it, or let it clutter my throat because I do not need it.”

How fucking polite and humble ...

*Joana says 'vice versa'. That is something that she says... smells like Ronda's vag*


sit on that seat, take a seat... or vice versa...

never 'seat your ass down'.

get it?


vice versa....? gtfoh... Joana's management team is pretty riddiculous...

I warned one of those 'handlers', like 8 months ago...

'Joana has 2 fights tops, if she carries on like this.. someone needs to tell her to take a chill pill'.

Dude didn't listen to reason.

Now he's got a Joana Lewinsky kind of situation to deal with..

But that wasn't the end of it.. Going full retard was not enough for her..She had to carry on..

'Well... Rose  + the rest of the world was shocked that someone like me(definition of a dominant champion) ,lost. I am still the Queen.. I 've built this weight class.. '

---> Even though weight cutting was an issue .... 

I think she is ready to go train with Edmund.

“I already spoke to the UFC, and my return is set,” Jedrzejczyk said to InTheCagePL as translated by Fan Sided. “My next fight will be for the title belt. I don’t know if Rose is going to want to fight in a month, in January or in February. I’ll spend the next two months in Poland with my family,” she added.

This girl has lost it... She doen't want to get a winnable opponent, first... she wants to fight for the title again in like 6 months or something... ..from what I've gathered..

& she didn't stop there. ....

''Rose was very shocked, like the rest of the world,” she said. “Like I’ve said, she won in a beautiful fashion, but the belt is mine. I’ve built this weight class. I’m the queen of this weight class and I always will be. You can believe it or not.”

Anyone asked for a trainwreck...?

''Some people can’t believe I’m smiling and in good mood, they think I should sit and cry and do nothing. I do my business from the beginning to the end and this is who I am. People who are saying that I am cocky or arrogant, that’s why I lost, I just want to tell you that I will be more cocky, I will be more arrogant. I’m bigger than that one night at UFC 217. It was an accident.”

“I’m moving forward and I’m stronger. I see the champion [Rose Namajunas] she’s just polishing my belt. That’s the thing. Maybe some other people think she’s not doing this, but she is. But don’t you worry, it’s on vacation, I’m on vacation. The people who call me a beast, now I’m going to be beast beast. Believe me. I know my heart. That’s why I’m talking like this. I know how hard I work. That’s it. You can ask Jorge [Masvidal] because we train together every day. There is no Thanksgiving when I am doing work.”

“My life is better than before. Some people, they can’t believe I’m smiling, I’m in good mood, and I’m looking forward. They think I should sleep and cry and do nothing. I do more. I’ve had more offers to work with big companies – the biggest companies everywhere than I had before. People who are saying I was cocky or arrogant, this is why I lost. I just want to tell you that I will be more cocky. I will be more arrogant. And I will be more loud. Because I know my value. I’m bigger than that night at UFC 217. Mistakes happen to everyone. And don’t you worry. I’m clever, I don’t want a rematch. What if [Namajunas] fights in February? What if she fights in March? What if she, for example, she will lose the belt? I will get the rematch. But like I said, I want my baby back. So I want to fight for the title. And this is what’s going to happen.

You know what.....?? I'll tell you what happenned.....I 've got useless assistants.....

“People I worked with led me to critical condition. Now I’m just happy that I’m alive. I was screaming. It didn’t matter it was very late. The pain of putting my body back again in hot water was unimaginable. But I wanted to do it for everybody who wanted to see my fight. It’s a miracle I made weight. I was cutting weight for 14 hours. It was torture. I trusted them. Unfortunately they failed and this mistake is unforgivable. I forgive them as a human because that’s who I am and probably our relationship will remain but I can’t cooperate with such people any more.” u know..

If you want to break down JJ's consistensy when it comes to 'teams'... You'll get someting like this:

 In around 2 years span JJ:

- left her gym and moved to ATT,
- left SuckerPunch, joined Paradigm, left Paradigm,
- left her Polish nutritionist, joined Perfecting Athletes, left Perfecting Athletes.

What's next?



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