Khabib submits people

What I gathered from that fight is:

  • Khabib got the armbar from the top. His opponent wouldn't tap and tried to step up, when Khabib transitioned to the arm triangle choke.

  • Khabib gets almost clocked in the beginning of the fight.

^^ starts at 3:40 something.
Khabib gets the single leg, immediately lands in side control. and gradualy takes his opponent's soul.

I found only those 2 on the interwebs. I think it shows some versatility in his submission game that he hasn't shown, in the UFC. 

Both of those submissions didn't happen like 'water'. Khabib was trying to put his leg behind his opponent's head, but he wouldn't clear the arm.So the first time he went for the armbar,after all, and then after failing to get the armbar, he switched to the triangle.

The second time around, Khabib after failing to clear the leg the first time, he trapped his opponent other arm(under his armpit, and pulled him back,while sneaking his leg in the triangle position. His weight distribution was on the opposite direction but by trapping that arm, he managed to get that split second he needed to sneak his leg in there. (he made up for the lack of flexibility and length, with that armgrip).

Who is next for Khabib? It has to be either Tony or Conor.


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