The real UFC Playaa

In the history of MMA there have been quite a few impressive winning streaks which lead to winning belts and defending and so on..

Everyone eventualy lost.


There is one fighter that refuses to lose.. He will do everything he can to win.

Thiefs running away...? Dude will fuck them up.

Pregnant lady being irresponsible enough to drive around, loaded up on babies?....

This playa totalled her car and made sure she got slightly injured so someone can drive her to the hospital to treat her emotional and physical wounds.

Then he had to bounce, real fast, so no one could see it's him. playa doesn't like being praised all the time for his super citizen skills

3 minutes of playa walking down the street casually looking for a taxi,he realises that he left his stash and some money in his car.. sprinted like the wind, he did and rushed to his car to get his shiz..

The public was outraged...

Did the UFC punish him, that time..?

Playa's respose?

[spoiler]can't touch this.mp3[/spoiler]

rolling with superHWs since day 1

Literally Day 1

Get's rocked in a fight..?Machidas his opponent after a 1-2 combination and - The End.

Get's armbarred...?opponent feels bad for him and lets go. Playa beats the shit out of him for 12 minutes str8 before he kimuras that 'fool'.

Never - ever has tasted defeat.

Someone pushes him at a press conference...?

Goes full Tank on everyone and beats the shit out of 4 people at the same time.

Gets popped for Coke,Weed? ... the only reason that they did'nt trace mushrooms in playa's blood, is cause they are sort of untraceable.

Maybe that's why he was hiding under the cage that time, USADA came.

Either people like it or not.. as we stand.. Jones is the last legit GOAT candidate.

playaa is making everyone look like a fool.

I see polls all over the internet talking about 51% ---> Jones should be banned for life  :lol:

delusion in the air, tonight.. Jones can fight anywhere in the world, if he feels like it.(Japan,Russia) and make a Shit load of money.

He is undefeated. in a sport filled with cheaters, a 'user' is the champion..

Who gives a fuck....? It's a matter of propability. The 3% that is 'clean' :lol:.... will never be the champ. *

At least he is undefeated and in his last fight he knocked the fuck out of Cormier.

has anyone managed to do that before?


Even Rumble couldnt put him away with his kicks.

The end.



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