Frank Mur dropping knowledge

God damn this dude is simple. He is simple in the most articulate way... Mur thinks that he is a genious, just cause he is the only one in his family with barely over 100 IQ.

Surrounded by simpletons his whole life, he is now convinced that he is some kind of genious..

Mur in our more solo...

Frankie Edgar was in a lose lose situation going in that fight with Brian Ortega. .... 



Frank Mir: Frankie Edgar had nothing to gain from fighting Brian Ortega

Frank Mir believes Frankie Edgar was in a lose-lose situation right from the get go of the making of his fight against Brian Ortega.

“If I was Frankie Edgar’s manager and he wants to take this fight, I’d be like ‘No, Frankie, we’re not taking this fight,” Mir said on his Phone Booth Fighting podcast. “Why? Because this is a dangerous fight. This guy is big, he hits hard, he’s knocked out everybody he’s fought so far in the UFC, and if you go out there and just barely beat him, it makes us look worse going into our Max Holloway fight.”

“We’re also gonna take the time off. You’re an older athlete, you’ve been fighting for a long time, you’ve earned your title shot. You’ve earned your place in UFC lore, you’re gonna be a f—king Hall-of-Famer. We don’t need to give a hand out to this kid Ortega and help him out.”

“You taking this fight is not what’s best for you,” Mir continued. “You have nothing to gain, the other kid Ortega has everything in the f—king world to gain. Even if he fights you in a close war, his stock goes up and your stock drops. Who wants those kinds of fights?”

“I think Edgar is just screwed that 135 is too difficult of a cut for him, and (at) 145, he still looks small against everybody he fights at featherweight,” Mir said. “He almost has the length of a guy who is at the bantamweight weight class, but just can’t quite cut the muscle tissue to get down there and effectively be able to perform.”

“When guys are smaller in correlation to their size and percentage, it’s a bigger difference,” Mir added. “Someone being 20 pounds bigger than me at 260 to 280, that’s the difference of like a five-pound difference down there at the 130’s.”

I can lose five pounds by skipping breakfast (But) tell Demetrious Johnson ‘hey, we need to drop five pounds in the next hour.’ He can’t just skip breakfast, he’s gonna be bouncing around for a while, because (it’s) five pounds in percentage to his weight.”

He ain't saying anything wrong... It's just kind of funny to me... cause Mir thinks that he discovered the wheel, here.


Lecture served.

Thank you, Frank Mir.


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