MMA journey man that you've never heard off

In the modern days of MMA, where everything is calculated, it seems like the MMA scene is getting closer and closer to being an actual sport. 

Now you have sponsors, PPV cuts, fighters cutting obscene amounts of weight in order to gain the 'edge' in an attempt to compete with smaller men. 

So you get people that weigh around 190-200 and are fighting anywhere between 155 and 185. 

Basically almost any fighter from LW - MW - weighs around 190-200 pounds... 

They be walking around heavier than the MW limit and quite a few fighters choose to fight 3 or 4 weightclasses below their natural weight

Great, well rounded fighters that fight 2-3 times a year in an attempt to make as much money as they can.. Regardless of the way that they obtained their victory.... Humping, stalling and running away are considered great attributes these days...

Drifting apart from the gladiator persona.. Acting more like spoilt rich - boi - wrestlers.

How about these dudes down there....? ??

Dennis Reed.

 Age 50. His last fight was 2 years ago. [b]In 107 fights he has never gone to distance.[/b] listed at 6'1 and 194 pounds.(220pounds, 208pounds, etc) Dennis started his career in 1996 and he has fought against quite a few MMA legends. (Evan Tanner, Rich Franklin, Severn, Fulton,Jeremy Horn,Valentijn Overeem,Houston Alexander,etc)

[b]45 wins  --- 9 kO  - 35subs

62 losses   --- 8 KO  - 54 subs[/b]


5'11 - 194 pounds

32 years old.Last fight, a win in December. (Lost to Rory Markham, Houston Alexander and Gerald Harris in his 3 previous fights)

32W  --->  6KO    26SUBS
24L    ---> 10KO - 8 SUBS - 6 DECISIONS

What other journeymen that gave 0 fucks, took on all comers, do you fookin know?

do let me know as I find this topic rather interesting..

Here is another random one most have not heard of perhaps.

Victor Moreno

39-24, only 1 decision loss and 6 decision wins. Dude would fight just about anyone it sounds like

Shannon Ritch is another, 57-84  :-?

Paul Jenkins

Welsh dude? British? Not sure. Remember him fighting on the prelims of all sorts of random cage warrior events and what not  :lol:

41-47! That is a lot of fights. 

Artemij Sitenkov

15W (all by submission)
16L (14 by stoppage, a by decision)

Has fought at 145, 135, 125, and 115

Notable wins: Conor McGregor, Neil Seery

Notable losses: I think Paddy Holohan is the best guy he's lost to...

Thoughts............? ? ??


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